This photo of Sargent Cliff Deutsch and BayBay won first place in the Nevada Press Association 2006 Best Spot News Photo Coverage and was chosen by Wiley Press For the cover of  PAWPRINTS of KATRINA, a book featuring over 70 of Clay Myers’ images documenting rescues in the months after the storm. 

It was September 24, 2005 more than three weeks after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Like thousands of other animals that were on their own on the streets of New Orleans, a cocker spaniel named BayBay was desperately waiting to be rescued. During Clay’s first of four assignments to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he captured this award winning image of Sargent Deutsch rescuing BayBay.

BayBay was reunited with her people shortly after being rescued. During Clay’s last Katrina assignment in June 2006 he visited BayBay’s family in Orleans Parish and saw first hand how happy she was to be home again. Sadly, BayBay passed away about a year later from health complications due to the effects of ingesting toxic storm water. It’s comforting to know that BayBay’s last days were spent with her people in their rebuilt home.

Hurricane Katrina Assignments

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